Slim and sculpt with CryoSlimming. Smooth cellulite and tighten skin with CryoToning. If your face is looking puffy, tired, or aged, rejuvenate your appearance with a CryoFacelift.


Find the right CryoSkin solution for you!


CryoSkin is a unique device that can be used to decrease fat cells, tighten and tone - areas treated using cryotherapy.


Cryotherapy is the term used for medical and

aesthetic treatments using cold temperatures. Cryotherapy includes cryolipolysis (fat cell destruction), but as well cryo

chambers and cryo facials using nitrogen.

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CryoSkin sessions last from 20 to 30 minutes. Because it’s gentle to the skin, you won’t need time off for recovery. No downtime, you’re ready to go once a session is finished.






Toning back of the leg in action

You can do a CryoSlimming session every 2 weeks (time necessary to evacuate the dead fat cells) and a CryoToning session every week.

Fat freezing on the chin - Chin Slimming

Facelift - reduce the appearance of wrinkles 

Ellie 1st session.png

Before                        After(30minute treatment)


(fat-freezing) on the stomach