Anti Wrinkle

With age our skin becomes less hydrated and the fat pads beneath the skin start to shift. This causes creases and openings between the shifting pads, making the appearance of wrinkles more evident.

Anti-wrinkle treatment is used to smooth fine lines and aids in softening wrinkles.

The reduced muscle movement prevents the formation of deeper lines and wrinkles being able to occur.


Anti wrinkle treatments can take 7-14 days to take full effect.


Anti-wrinkle treatment is priced as below pricing can vary depending on how much dosing is required. below is a very basic guide:

​Forehead $190

Brow Lift $105

Frown Lines $250

Crows Feet $250

Bunny Lines $85

Lip Flip $125

Gummy Smile $165

Chin Relax $145

Masseter (jaw clenching) $650

A flawless result from a 2-week check up from a client who received our frown line treatment.

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