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Reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve lymphatic flow and assist in detoxification. Full body copper Gua Sha stimulates collagen for smooth, vibrant skin.

Gua Sha practices pulling and pushing the skin to release tension, increase circulation, stimulate collagen and cellulite and to detoxify the body.

Using pressure, Contour releases the myofascial, stimulates oxygen, nutrients and blood cells to the skin's surface to heal and smooth your natural curves and contours.

Swap for your:
Coffee Scrub or Dry Body Brush


How to use:

Over freshly oiled skin, press the concave curve of Contour against skin and apply moderate pressure.

Use firm, sweeping strokes, move upward from ankles towards the heart.

Use the same motion from the crown of the head, down towards the heart.

Use 3-5 times over each area of the body up to four times a week for optimal results.

Contour Body Gua Sha

  • Materials:

    Copper Plating - 100% medical grade, hypoallergenic materials

    Sustainable - A single purchase beauty tool - reusable and zero-waste

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