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A battery operated vibrating facial tool to stimulate collagen and elastin and sculpt the face.

What it does:
Sculpt glides over freshly moisturized skin with microcurrents to stimulate collagen, lymphatic flow, circulation, detoxification and cellular renewal.

Re-defining the ancient use of facial massage, Sculpt tightens and defines the natural features of the face.

Swap for your:
Jade Roller or Quartz Gua Sha


Standout Actives:
Sonic Vibrations: 6000 vibrations per minute stimulate collagen, circulation and contract to tighten facial muscles.


How to use:

Apply serum or moisturiser to your face. Turn on Sculpt Vibrating Tool. Use upwards strokes from the collarbones up the neck to the jawline.

Upwards from the chin across the jawline to ears.

Upwards from the nose, across and up to the temples.

Upwards from the eyebrows to the hairline.

Use 1 - 10 minutes per day for best results.

Gold Sculping Tool

  • Materials:

    Made from sustainable materials.

    A single purchase beauty tool. Battery operated for sustainable, long-term use.

    24-Gold Plated. Renewable. Battery Operated

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