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Our Approach



enhanceMe LAB strives to provide our patients who steps foot into the lab with as much information on cosmetic injectables as possible. As part of our commitment to providing the highest quality results for each client, also attending regular training sessions to stay current with the latest technologies and products.


In order to achieve their dream results, we always recommend thorough consultations for both new and existing patients to discuss what treatments may work best for them. The importance of explaining products and services; how they work, how they are administered, and the pre and post-treatment is something we work through together.


It is important to fully inform patients about the treatments they are receiving, as well as potential risks associated with injectable treatments. We work through our consent forms and detailed health history to ensure you are a good candidate for treatments. Only once we assess your eligibility for treatments can we then process through our AHPRA requirements as per the Non-surgical cosmetic treatment guidelines and provide treatments. 

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